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What is financial security?

Your answer to this question will probably be very different from your neighbor’s and will most likely change as time goes by. Imagine if you had been asked this question when you were still in school. Then financial security may have meant simply getting out from under student loans or getting your first apartment. Time goes by and you dream of paying off your mortgage, perhaps having a cottage for family vacations. Are you finally at a place where you want to pass on the reins of the business? Very soon, retirement arrives and then the answers are even more varied. Is financial security being able to move to the family cottage or is it sailing away on a world cruise?

Financial security isn’t defined by an account value but rather by very individual tastes and aspirations.

At ExcelPlan Financial, we understand that it’s not about simple accumulation or money management.

It’s about living your dreams.

“So many of our
dreams at first
seem impossible,
then they seem improbable, and then,
when we summon the will, they will
soon become inevitable.”

                            - Christopher Reeve

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